1. le Kaj a goo goo-touché -ché

  2. Mainline is Sunshine- Appo remix

  3. The Allman Brothers band-Midnight rider -Appo remix

  4. The Temptations-Just my imagination-Appo remix

  5. TD-Real train-Appo & William Taylor remix

  6. Paul Weller-Wishing on a star-Appo remix

  7. Paolo Nutini-Candy-Appo remix

  8. Chris Rea-Looking for the summer-Appo remix

  9. Johnny Mathis-Gone gone gone-Appo remix

  10. JJ Cale-Cocaine-Appo remix

  11. Ian Brown-Stelify -Appo's back with a baguette remix

  12. Isley Bro's-Harverst for the world-Appo remix

  13. Fleetwood Mac-Big Love-Appo remix

  14. Faith Evans-Love like this-Appo remix

  15. Duran Duram -Rio-Appo remix

  16. DP-Get Lucky-Appo remix

  17. David Ruffin-Hurt the one you love-Appo remix

  18. Chain Of fools-Appo remix

  19. Dire Straits-Calling Elvis-Appo remix

  20. Blow Monkeys-Appo remix

  21. Phil Collins-In the air tonight-Appo back in Havana remix

  22. The E'gles-Hotel Cali-Appo remix

  23. Lykee Li-Little Bit-Appo remix

  24. The YoungBloods-Come together-Appo remix

  25. The Rapture-Let me hear that song-Appo remix

  26. Beirut Biloma - Take me to Beruit-Appo remix

  27. Gene Pitney-Train of Thought-Appo remix

  28. London Beat-Thinking about you-Appo remix

  29. Sydney Youngblood -If only I could-Appo remix

  30. Tasmin Archer-Sleeping satellite -Appo remix

  31. C the C -Appo original

  32. G.Benson-On Broadway-Appo remix

  33. Anite Ward-Ring my bell-Appo remix

  34. Appo-Comerado-Appo original

  35. Etta James-Leave your hat on-Appo remix

  36. Angus and Julia Stone-Yellow brick road-Appo remix

  37. Pacific Dreams-Appo-Original

  38. Steely Dan- Do it again-Appo remix

  39. Ini Kamoze-World a music-Appo remix

  40. Heavy Vibes-Appo remix

  41. Loving Interlude- Appo remix

  42. Stop Bajon-Appo remix

  43. BB-Small town boy-remix

  44. Hello-Baker Arp-Appo remix

  45. Bread-Make it with you-Appo remix

  46. Getaway-Appo remix

  47. EWF-Fantasy-Appo remix

  48. Dub a little love-Appo remix

  49. Love Vibration-Appo remix

  50. HL-Love Action - Appo remix

  51. FK-Let me kiss you baby-Appo remix

  52. Black-Wonderful Life-Appo remix

  53. KB-Red shoes-Appo remix

  54. Eagles-One of these nights-Appo remix

  55. RP - Big Log-Appo remix

  56. CR-Devil Woman-Appo remix

  57. Amii S-Friends-Appo remix

  58. DS-Spooky-Appo remix

  59. JG-Teardrops-Appo remix

  60. Seal-Crazy-Appo remix

  61. L42-Love Games-Appo remix

  62. Whitchi-Appo remix

  63. PF-Breath

  64. Space Oddity - Appo remix

  65. All Along the watch tower-Appo remix

  66. Nights on Broadway-Appo remix

  67. Madonna-Love tried to welcome me-Appo remix

  68. What I am, EB- Appo remix


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